Property Management Fees & Services

Our dedicated property manager oversees all aspects of managing your property.

Services Provided:

  • Perform studies to determine rental rates for your property.  We will do a comparison of rental properties in your area, as well as an evaluation of your property to determine the best rate for your investment, and what needs to be done to make your property ready to rent.
  • Advertise and show vacancies 7 days a week.  We advertise on several websites, including the CMLS, AHRN, Trulia, etc.  We will also show vacancies at the convenience of the prospective tenants, which is generally evenings and weekends.
  • Screen all tenants.  We do a thorough screening of all prospective tenants, including criminal background check, credit check, and rental history.
  • Negotiate and execute leases.  We will negotiate and execute all lease terms to fit your needs as far as length of lease, if pets are allowed, what appliances are available, etc.
  • Collect all rent, current and delinquent.  Rent is due on the 1st of every month, and late fees will be assessed after the 5th day.
  • Perform evictions.  We will prepare and serve all necessary paperwork for an eviction and help you find legal services if needed.  We handle the process through from beginning to end.
  • Internal and external inspections.  We perform ongoing inspections of your property to ensure protection of your investment.
  • Oversee repairs and maintenance.  We use reliable and knowledgeable vendors to ensure the value of your investment is always maintained during repairs.
  • Precise accounting services with monthly reporting.  We provide you a monthly report/ledger of all monies collected for the property and spent to maintain the property’s value.
  • Optional changing of air filters monthly to help ensure your A/C system is functioning properly, provided you provide the air filters.

Competitive Fees:

  • Leasing Fee:  Paid after the lease is signed – includes rental evaluation of property, 7 days a week showing of all vacancies, interviewing & screening all prospective tenants, negotiating lease, and securing the least with a qualified tenant.
  • Administrative Fee: Paid upon signing management agreement – includes setting up appropriate files and bookkeeping records, as well as advertising.
  • Maintenance Account:  Withdrawn from first month’s rent – money held in a trust account to make minor repairs to property to maintain value.
  • Monthly Management Fee:  Percentage of gross monthly rent deducted from rent collected beginning the second month of rental – on call service 24/7, overseeing repairs, rent collection, inspection of property, etc…

Why a Property Manager?

Some signs you need a property manager:

  • Lack of experience or knowledge managing property
  • Distance between you and your property
  • Time you have to spend on managing or maintaining your property
  • Do you want to be on call 24/7/365?

Reasons to hire a property manager:

  • Low vacancies
  • Maintaining investment profitability
  • Ensure compliance with housing regulations and laws.

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